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Flat-colour chibi drawing of your character
Crag family by Sparrow-puff
Jewel by Sparrow-puff
Xenith by Sparrow-puff
Koi by Sparrow-puff
Amber by Sparrow-puff
Cody by Sparrow-puff
Flat-colour chibi drawing of your character
Transparent, shaded drawing of your Character
Happy birthday to a Brownie by Sparrow-puff
Biotaille by Sparrow-puff
Transparent image of your character, shaded.
Flatcolour full body drawings
Ferret by Sparrow-puff
Dylan by Sparrow-puff
Cuddle by Sparrow-puff
Lemon by Sparrow-puff
Cottonpetal by Sparrow-puff
Flatcolour of your charactor, with optional 'Glow' and 'heart' See first example. Please link reference, glow colour (If applicable.) and position.
If wanting multiple charries, please message me to work out a price.
Icons - Group size 100x50
tCoM - Icon by Sparrow-puff
Beat of the stars new icon by Sparrow-puff
Titan-Counterattack by Sparrow-puff
Ashes by Sparrow-puff
Lom by Sparrow-puff
Cotc by Sparrow-puff
Animated will be the same price.

The-Scared-Star by Sparrow-puff Sots2 by Sparrow-puffPoke by Sparrow-puff .
Icons - Pixel 50x50
Icon2 by Sparrow-puff
ShadeDreams by Sparrow-puff
Mousefire by Sparrow-puff
Dashsky by Sparrow-puff
SeekingLucidity by Sparrow-puff
Bluepaw by Sparrow-puff
Same price for animated. If you want a 'couple' tag, please buy twice.


It has come to my attention that people are still trying to get hold of me on this account. I have moved accounts which is why there hasn't been any activity. I will be deactivating this one at some point but i like looking at the artwork I have done on it sometimes ^^; I also somehow get new watchers when I haven't been doing anything is beyond me ;P

So new account for those that want it:


Also group if you are interested ;;P

Hello all my friends, family, gorgeous people and those wacky peeps that somehow watch me for no reason ;) (Hehe.)

My life somehow got turned upside down and inside out and I was getting exhausted with my apprenticeship and also juggling my home life. Myy brother came back home after a messy break up with his girlfriend and was a bit chaotic to be honest with all the moving around.
My laptop broke, it would only work if the power cable was in constantly which is highly annoying when you are writing an essay and the whole laptop turns off because you moved slightly or sneezed but luckily I actually just needed a new battery (Which I didn't realise.) And so now have a fully functional laptop thankfully c:
And then there is the baby which has had me tossing and turning wondering if I am going to return or not. The thing is, I'm like an atom bomb, I'm probably not the most easy person to stay in the same spot for long though I do want to try even if I do it in my own pace and make sure I don't over do it.

So here it is.
I am back though I will be making a new account (Probably Nova-bean or something like that.)
I will be having one roleplay group and one only. I'm hoping to be able to take back my beloved Paa if THK will let me. (thank you MlSTY for looking after her for me c:)

Will I stay? I don't know. I'm hoping to stay for a while but until the baby actually comes then it becomes a little fuzzy which is why I'm hopefully just going to stay with one group and concentrate on that and hopefully that will be my calming thing c:

Thank you guys for understanding


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SharpieRage Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering if you would ever make an icon of Snowtuft? Because holy hell this is awesome.
TheOrgano Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
Jesse <3
Kirra-The-Succubi Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I was wondering are you still open for commissions?
ApertureInnovations Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I do hope that the stress you're feeling leaves you, or that whatever is causing it will subside. 
clock-gears Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday !!
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